Digital Scholarship

BodoArXiv serves as a repository for researchers to gather, assemble, and store the born-digital objects created for and associated with computer-based scholarly projects. By cataloguing and making digital assets accessible under BodoArXiv’s “Digital Scholarship” tab, projects are assigned a searchable catalogue record and DOI, rendering them stable, findable, and citable to all members of the scholarly community.

To document or archive a digital project in BodoArXiv, project creators must upload an archiving dossier narrative to communicate project goals and list associated files. Digital objects assembled during a project’s lifespan are appended to the narrative, linked as “Supplemental Materials,” and assigned a persistent identifier for permanent retrieval. To orient users to a project’s architecture and dynamic features, cataloguers should also include a sitemap and web recording of the project during its active phase.

Click here for a step-by-step description of how to upload digital scholarship to BodoArXiv. The guide can also be downloaded here.

Since BodoArXiv supports versioning, a digital project may be submitted to the repository at any point in its development, from the earliest planning stages to final archiving, when further modifications are no longer anticipated. For more information on documenting digital projects, please refer to the Digital Documentation Process.

Laura Morreale ( and Kathryne Beebe ( are Bodo’s theme coordinators for digital scholarship. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any further questions.